Hole #15, Par 4

Handicap 14

Black-Tee 368 yds.
Blue-Tee 351 yds.
White-Tee 334 yds.
Red-Tee 309 yds.
Gold-Tee 209 yds.

Hole Description

After playing number fourteen, number fifteen at 351 yards looks like a short, almost drivable par four. It may look like a push over on the card, but don’t let the short yardage lull you into thinking this hole will be an easy par or perhaps a birdie.  For best results, the tee shot should favor the left side with a long iron, a fairway wood or sometimes the driver giving you a good look and a good chance to hit the fattest part of the green. Most other positions on the fairway will force the player to aim at a narrower part of the green, often making the approach more difficult than it has to be.  The green is protected by a bunker to the front right and one to the rear which will collect misplayed approach shots.  The subtle breaks on this green add much interest and often a surprise or two as you try to figure out which way your putt will break.